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Hello PozziePinoy,

I was diagnosed HIV positive May 2013 and my Hub is in RITM Alabang.
I am writing you because i want to know if there are free vaccine in RITM Alabang?

1. Flu Vaccine
2. HPV Vaccine

ito nalang yung kulang ko na vaccine......

Also, i would like to inquire if there is Anal Wart Removal in RITM Alabang? 
i just started my medication just April 2014 though my CD4 count is still 575 but i opted to take my early treatment because of my Anal Warts. please let me know who i need to contact for Anal Wart Check up and Removal.



Thank you for your email. Thank you for reading the blog.

There are some vaccines that are free in RITM when they have it in stock. However, since they provide it for free they run out very fast. Best is to call RITM-ARG and check if they offer these vaccines for free. 

Anal wart removal is not usually done in RITM and they refer clients to dermatologists. Please contact TRR's Care Manager, Gerald at 0917-899-0473 as we have a list of HIV friendly dermatologists who can help you out. 

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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