Negative but Symptomatic?

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hi pozzie been reading your blog after akung m expose  sa hindi dapat nagyari sakin kasi sobrang lasing aku that time! after ku ma experience halos lahat ng early hiv symptoms nag lakas loob akung mag pa test  last april 25 sa RITM Malate accommodating at hindi judgmental ang mga staff ng RITM Malate 4 weeks from exposure tested non reactive at sabi sakin eh bumalik aku after 3moths after nun  nag pa blood test narin aku ang findings ng doctor eh merun akung uti binigyan nya akung antibiotics ng 7 days 1000mg a day pro parang hindi gumaling ang uti ku at  sa ngyun eh lagi akung merung night sweats at nag papalpitate aku every time magigising ako maputi rin ang dila ku since nung nag p test aku hindi aku makatulog ng maayus laging putol putol ang tulog ku! as of these time  hindi parin maganda pakiramdam ku  anu ang pwde kong gawin?


Hi there.

Thank you for your email. Thank you for reading the blog.

I glad that you took the HIV test.Since you are still on the window period, just come back as advised by the counselor or the nurse. For now, there is nothing to do but wait and continue your treatment for your UTI. If you are still bothered by your other symptoms, you might as well see an infectious disease doctor to calm down your nerves.

For the rest of the readers, usually 3 months post exposure is enough for HIV antibodies to be detected, however, to be very sure, most HIV doctors still ask clients to come back 3 months after or 6 months post exposure for accuracy of the result. By then if it turns out negative or positive, the result is final.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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