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Posted by Pozziepinoy on 7:48 AM

Our ARV's can have a lot of side effects. We can have high cholesterol levels in our blood, heart issues, depression, lipodystrophy, etc. However, these can all be halted if we start doing exercises from the very first time that we start taking our medicines. Dr. Ditangco said that some patients come back to her with signs of lipodystrophy and she said it would be harder to reverse these effects with exercise so it is really best to start working out when we don't see anything at all yet. Well, no matter what exercise is a good immune system booster which in effect will show in our CD4 counts and our total well being. It is also a good way to combat depression.

I promised a pozzie that I will give him my regular, weekly exercise routine. Here it is:

1. Chest: 
    a. Bench Press
    b. Inclined Bench Press
    c. Pullover
    d. Dips
    e. Cross cable
    f. Dumbbell Press
2. Triceps:
    a. Cable Pushdown
    b. Overhead Dumbbell Extension
    c. Dumbbell Kickbacks
3. Abs
    a. Plank
    b. Side Plank
    c. Weighted crunches
    d. Hanging Leg Raises
    e. Air Bike
4. Cardio
    a. 5k on treadmill (speed, 7 mi/hr)

1. Back
    a. Pullups
    b. Pulldowns
    c. Barbell Row
    d. Cable Row
    e. Dumbbell Row
    f. Back Extension
2. Biceps
    a. Cable curls
    b. Barbell curls
    c. Inclined Curls

1. Shoulder
    a. Machine Press
    b. Military Press
    c. Seated Dumbbell Press
    d. Side Raises
    e. Plate Front Raises
2. Traps
    a. Machine Shrugs
    b. Dumbbell Shrugs
    c. Cable Shrugs
3. Abs
    a. Plank
    b. Weighted Crunches
    c. Hanging Crunches
    d. Air Bike
4. Cardio
    a. Swimming/ Biking

1. Quads
    a. Squats
    b. Deadlift
    c. Lunges
    d. Leg Extension
2. Hamstrings
    a. Straight Legged Deadflift
    b. Leg Curls
3. Calves
    a. Dumbbell Calf Raises
    b. Seated Calf Raises

Any weak Body Part!
Abs: Any weak muscle Group
Cardio: Circuit Training/Functional Training

Saturday/Sunday: Cardio if missed during the weekdays but mostly rest days

Exercise is so good for our body. Start Now!!!

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