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Note: The patient's consent was obtained prior to this posting.

This is a case of a 24/Filipino male who was diagnosed with HIV-associated polyneuropathy (weakness and numbness of his legs) causing difficulty in standing and walking. He could barely do what he used to love doing: extreme sports. His baseline CD4+ was 2. He was started on the first line antiretroviral regimen and after 6 months, his cd4+ went up to around 100-110 (exact value is not disclosed). Thereafter, he was able to go back to work, to do his sports, and travel. 

This week he celebrated his anniversary - 1 year since he started taking his ARVs. His CD4+ now is around 300-320 (exact value is not disclosed). That's a big jump from his baseline of 2. He took his meds religiously, and with lots of hard work and prayers, he is back in his game. 

This post, again, is with the permission of the patient involved. This is to serve as an inspiration to other PLHIV. Having an HIV infection is not a death sentence, it's a wake up call. How you will answer the call and stand up is up to you.

Credits: Dr. Mark Pasayan. RITM-ARG

HIV can be defeated! Early detection and early treatment are the keys. Take the HIV test early. Once you are HIV positive, don't delay treatment. 

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