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Posted by Pozziepinoy on 11:31 AM
Hello PozziePinoy. 

I just want to ask regarding water intake. I'm on ARV na kasi. I have a CD4 count of 3 since I started ARV and I will be on my 6th month this summer. Ask ko lang sana, how often po ba iinom dapat ng tubig para di maxado affected ang liver sa ARV drugs? Ilang glasses of water po ba per day? O di kaya every what time interval po ideally? Thanks po.


Hi there.

Thank you for your email.

Water intake should be at least 8 glasses a day. That is already enough to cleanse your system of toxins and to hydrate you.

To be factual, I asked Dr. Ditangco, the head of RITM-ARG and she said that there is no rule with water intake while taking ARV's, except for those on indinavir, where more fluid is encouraged to prevent kidney stones.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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