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Hi Pozzie,

I don't know how to start this story. But i really want to know me & my wife HIV status.

Last January 18, 2013 while we are having our vacation in the Philippines. i have an unprotected sex with someone i only met in a bar (While my wife is in their province). After our vacation we came back here in the middle east where both me and my wife work.

After 1 week po ngsex po kami ng wife ko. after ng ilang days po sabi nya meron sya UTI at sabi ko din po sa knya meron lumalabas sa penis ko na greenish so we went to the doctor at binigyan po sya ng WIMEX (Cefixime) at ako naman ung lab test ko came out the next days and the doctor said that i have n. gonorrhea. So doctor give me  ciprofloxacin 500mg 2x in 5 days. After 5 days po bumalik kami sa doctor for another test by urine and the doctor said we are cleared. but in the following days po ngka mild fever ako for 2 days around 37.5 degrees with slight headache and night sweats at ngswollen ung lympnodes ko sa leeg. the next day po nagkadiarhea ako. hindi ko po alam kung related sa stress or depresion dahil sa mga nababasa ko sa internet which is literally nakatutuk ako the whole day sa internet in reading hiv and std syptoms. Which almost all beside Flu and sore throat.  
after 5 days that we have been cleared by the doctor bumalik ung gonorrhea ko and the doctor again give me other medicine WIMEX (Cefixime) 1x for 5 days.

I have already confess to my wife and this adds to my stress and depression. Currently my wife forgive me and i am very thank full to my wife. I told also to my doctor that i might have contracted HIV but she refuse to test me. She told me that i am just freaking out. My question is:

1. does my wife contract also HIV if i am positive even we have sex 1 week after infection?
2. is it true when an STD is caused by a virus like HIV, ciprofloxacin is not effective?
3.I know the answer to the question "do i have HIV?" the answer is "get tested" but please kindly give me your advised on your thoughts and evaluation on the possibility that i have contracted HIV base on my story.
4. Before all of this happened we are on fertility treatment and we are scheduled to conduct in-vitro fertilization on october here in abroad. But if they knew that we are HIV positive they will deport us. Is it safe to conduct IVF in the Philippines even if we are positive. Is somebody already done this?
5.I am planning to go back to Philippines to have a STDs and HIV check up. How many days should i stay in the Philippines to finish and get the result before going back here in abroad?
6. Can i bring my wife blood sample to be tested in the Philippines?

This event of my life has change how i leave even without knowing yet the result. Money, leisure and personal attitude is no worth. I have read your post My HIV Story, Two and a Half Years of Living with HIV. It is very helpful to uplift what i am feeling right now. i am really really  afraid for me and specially for my wife. I feel my wife fear and i am very guilty  
on it. I am always praying na sana bigyan pa ako ni GOD ng 1 more chance. I am really down right now masisira lahat lahat ng pangarap namin magasawa dahil sa isang gabing pagsasaya. Salamat pozzie for making this blog and have somebody to breath in a while.



Hi J. 

Thank you for your email. Thank you for finding the blog and for sharing your story and your experience with me and my readers.

I am glad that you told your wife about what happened and you sought treatment. Now let me answer your questions in the order that you asked them.

1. Your wife can contract HIV if you got infected in one week. The viral load of HIV is one of its highest peaks during the initial infection, and having sex during that time can easily transmit the virus.

2. There is no cure for HIV therefore other medicines for other STD's are not effective.
3. HIV is transmitted by unprotected sex. If you have been exposed to any STD because of unprotected sex, then you need to take the HIV test too. 
4. You can have IVF here in the Philippines even if you have HIV. Just make sure that if you have HIV, you need to consult an HIV doctor for any type of pregnancy or procedure of getting pregnant so as not infect the baby or the mother.
5. The safest period is two weeks but one week is enough to stay here. HIV test in Manila especially in RITM Satellite Clinic is just 2 hours, however, if you are HIV positive, you may consider doing all the lab tests as well.
6. You can bring your wife's blood sample to the country if you can follow the procedures needed in preserving the quality of blood sample. You can check WHO and CDC procedures or just ask the hospital there on how they preserve the quality of blood and how they transport it properly.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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