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When the Rumors Started to Spread

People started asking questions 4 weeks ago since the rationing of ARV's started in different hubs. I was a quiet observer on this, however, I was already in communication with Dr. Ditangco, the head of RITM-ARG about it. I knew the situation but me and my managers needed to de-escalate the situation by keeping a positive spirit within the PLHIV community despite the looming crisis. 

Last week, the blog has been bombarded with questions, about the supply of ARV's in the country, and yet, we still tried to de-escalate the situation. Even Dr. Ditangco made a statement in the blog saying that we already have them and will come out soon. 

Then last Thursday I felt the gravity of the situation when I was asked if I knew somebody who can help [them]. My informant, told me the details about the ARV's, when and what airline it arrived in, where it is being held in. I tried to look for a person but later on I found out that they were already talking to the agency involved.

Monday came (last night), and still there was no movement of the ARV's. Then the rumours that one main HIV/AIDS Treatment Hub already run out of ARV's, started flooding in. More and more questions were raised. 

I started communicating with one of the HIV doctors of that hub and she told me that it was really true. Then I panicked, like most of us PLHIV's started doing. I made plans and I co-ordinated with Dr. Ditangco for advice. The other HIV doctor of the Hub told me that the time for talking was over and we need to do something drastic to clamour for attention. 

Immediate Action Needed!

I made my move. Today, I called up a friend, a UN lawyer who is now in the Philippines, who has connections with the agency concerned. He is also a part of the team who monitors the agency. I told him the scenario and he understood the gravity of the situation. He asked for some details and I gave them to him. He was asking for pertinent documents but of course, I don't have any as only the Health Department has them. However, he promised to relay this to the head of the government agency involved and investigate the matter immediately.

After the call, I also called 2 big local TV networks. My contacts there were the ones who gave me interviews about HIV before, when I appeared on national TV. I told them everything. I relayed them the communities' frustrations and fears. They promised to act fast. I was on stand by for an interview, but I was informed that they went to the agency concerned and started investigating. 

Tonight, I started writing letters, addressing them to different government officials. I believe I have the responsibility to do so. Immediate action is needed as the PLHIV community can't wait any longer.

What's Next?

I don't know if a miracle indeed happened today because of my actions. I hope so. I wish that I made an impact and I hope tomorrow will be a good day for the community of PLHIV's. If not, the struggle and more drastic actions need to continue. 

I don't know if this will happen again in the future, but one thing I know for sure: caring means action and if we all care for one another and really do something about it, then these things won't ever happen again. 

The PLHIV community needs to have a voice and this voice needs to be heard.... and felt by everyone.

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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