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Hi Pozzie, (sorry i don't know what to call you :( )

I got my first test today. I'm reactive and will have to wait two weeks to get a confirmatory result. Thank you. You and your blog is the only thing that persuaded me and given me courage to confirm my status.

I'm not hoping for a miracle anymore. I know my chances of being negative on the confirmatory is pretty slim. Right now i just need someone who understands what i'm going through. I'm a 27 years old discreet male with no family to lean on or any shoulder to cry on. I feel alone. 

The doctor was supportive. She allowed me time to sink it all in. I cried myself to tears after a while. I couldn't hide how devastating it felt for me. I'm usually good at hiding what i feel. This news defeated my emotional defenses in minutes. 

Again, thank you. I still don't know how to live my life from this day on. I hope i can talk to you in person, i really need someone to tell me everything is going to be okay because no matter how hard i try to say it to myself, it doesn't sink in.

I live in Marikina, my Name is XXX. 



Thank you for your email.

I am so glad that you took the test and I am so happy that the blog had served as a tool in persuading you to take the HIV Test.

I know it is hard at first but you need to start focusing on the things that you need to do. My group, The Project Red Ribbon  (TRR) has been assisting clients, doing online, phone and one on one counselling for 2 years now. We also have a structured support group to assist PLHIV's especially those who have been recently diagnosed. 

If you want to talk to someone and join the group you can call our HIV Hotline numbers. You will have a new family who will give you support and strength on your new journey.

Our HIV Hotline Numbers are:

0917-899-0473 / 0926-697-2240 / 0906-389-2402

We also have a group in Marikina City. If you want we can patch you up with our members there and meet them up.

You are never alone with your struggle. We are here, your new brothers and sisters, your new family!

Stay healthy,

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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