Email 380: Negative HIV Test but Still with Symptoms!

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 8:05 AM


I had my hiv test last april 26 2013 at RITM satellite and it turned out negative. But since last week i've been experiencing signs of hiv (i know there are no concrete signs) but i get feverish all the time, diarrhea, headache and so on. And im really worried that i am now positive since i kinda exposed myself to risky oral sex (did it with singaw) and one unprotected sex early january i think. Do you think it is possible na positive na ako? Should i get tested again? Thank you and hope you could answer my question.




Thank you for your email.

Since you got tested 3 months post exposure. You might be off the hook. However most HIV doctors would recommend another HIV test 6 months post exposure just to be sure. If that turns out to be negative then 100% you are clear.

I have answered a lot of questions of possible HIV anxiety syndromes and the psychology of this is so great that the mental fear of having the disease translates to something physical or an outbreak to what seems to be the symptoms of HIV. If I were you, just follow what the good Dr. Ditangco has told me before and that is, address all the physical problems that you are experiencing by going to the doctor and have a check up so treatment of illnesses can be done. That is the best way to control any aggravation of any illness. That is the way to good health.

For now, enjoy the result of the HIV test and don't think about it, then take the HIV test again after 3 months.

Stay healthy,