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hi pozzie pinoy.

I just want to ask if am still negative .I have 
my post exposure last year january 2012 I have anal sex with my friend (am the bottom) without  protection and last january 2013 I have oral sex without also protection ..I just had my hiv test last march 2013 and it came out negative..should I need to retest again? and also I want to ask if oral sex is too risky and mutual masturbation?




Thank you for your email.

Let me answer your concerns in the opposite order that you asked them.

First, oral sex is very low risk in transmitting HIV. Unless of course you one have mouth sores or open wounds inside the mouth will doing it and infected precum or semen gets in contact with your wound. Mutual masturbation is pretty impossible in transmitting the virus.

Second, since your unprotected anal sex was last year and your HIV test was 14 months after it, the negative result is already final. The test was also done 2 months after the oral sex (which is very minimal risk) however, you never mentioned if you had mouth or gum problems during the act. If doubtful, best is to retake it 4 months (which is next month) after the last test to be sure. It is a win-win scenario, trust me. It will definitely calm down your nerves.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other concerns.

Stay healthy,

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