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hi, good day pozzie,

i want to ask because my friend is worried about his anti-retroviral meds, were going to travel outside the country as a tourist (california) his worried how can he bring his meds outside the country (philippines) his thinking too much after he got diagnosed that he will be refused the customs to travel because he brings his meds, hand carry or at the baggage.?

do he need prescriptions from his Dr. ? what could be possible statements incase he wants to bring his meds (anti-retrovirals)?

im really concerned because he already got his multiple entry visa as a tourist.

thank you so much, god bless!




Thank you for your email. Thank you for finding the blog.

I just came back recently from a trip to the US and I also brought my ARV's with me. Here are some tips that I want you to tell your friend before he goes to the US.

1. Ask for a prescription of his ARV's from his doctor. This is to ensure that he can present it in case the US immigration asks about the meds that he is taking to the US. Although in the past, I have never been questioned about my meds, it is very important that he can defend his ARV's and disclose about his HIV to the immigration in case they profiled him and checked his luggage upon entry.

2. He can carry in each luggage his ARV's, both check in luggage and or in his carry on. Just make sure that his prescription is in his wallet.

3. Tell him to disclose what are the medicines are for in case the US immigration questions him. It is better to tell the truth than hide it from the authorities.

I hope I was able to give you insight. Tell his friend, safe travels.

Stay healthy,


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