Email 391: Treatment in the Province or Manila?

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hi pozzie,

na confirm n positive partner q(boy).1 mo.n xa na confine sa hosp dhil s pneumonia at nagkaroon n rn ng water heart nya.
nsa prov xa s visayas ngayon. mas oke bang lumuwas xa dto sa manila pra mag pa treat?
dto rn nmn xa manila.. umuwi lang nong nagkasakit nong february. bka npkbba n ng CD4 lvl nya kya nag aalala tlg aq..
naubos n pera nla kc d nmn dw free don.
maraming salamat..dpat magpatest n rn aq db? 


Hi Pozzie.

My partner (boy) was confirmed HIV positive. It has been a month since he was confined in the hospital because of pneumonia and water in his heart. He is in a province in Visayas now. Is it ok to come to Manila for treatment? He is also from Manila but went home when he got sick last February. Perhaps his CD4 is so low now that is why I am so worried about him. They run out of money because it is not free there. Thank you very much. Should I also take the test?



Thank you for your email.

With regards to the medical treatment in the province, it is up to which hospital he is confined to. Usually the doctor in charge will tell the family of your partner if the facilities and medical treatment are not enough there and he or she will give the best advice to either continue treatment there, or move him to another hospital in the province or to bring him to Manila. The best way is for the family to get the best option and if it is recommend to bring him here to Manila, then just follow what the doctor says. Although, of course it is more costly as you said in your email that the family already run out of money for his bills there.

Another option that the family can do to ease down the financial burden of treatment is to go to the social worker of the hospital and seek for assistance. Usually, for those who can’t afford treatment, the social worker can work on helping the patient through PCSO medical assistance. The family can look into the PCSO website to check the requirements for assistance.

With regards to your last question, yes, you need to take the HIV test as soon as possible. You need also to know your status, as this is not only for you but for all the people who loves you.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other concerns.

Stay healthy,

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