I'm Negative!

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 7:41 PM

This is to share my stories to you guys and how grateful I am with Sir Poz. 

Feb. 2013, I went to a Spa Parlor in Manila which is not actually offers massage, they offer more of extra services like Hand job, lap dance etc.. but to penetration. I availed of their extra service, shower, massage with hand job, after that, I also made sex with my wife that night. I am fully aware of the disease that’s why I only opted to have a hand job. But After a week, I have sore throat and same with my wife. So, my worries and anxieties started. I always keep on my mind that it’s only a hand job and there is no way that I can get the virus. But still, I worried too much because of our sore throat with fever. I started again looking and browsing in the internet of the sign and symptoms. I read too much, and my worries and anxiety get worst. I found Sir Poz blog and call him everytime to ease my worries and told me that I had only a low risk exposure. But On the third week I had a flu for two weeks and the doctor gave me antibiotic. After my medication, I had sore throat or tonsillitis. I called Sir Poz, ASP and San Lazaro Health Clinic to ask the same question what is the sign and symptoms. But again Sir Poz gave me his word of wisdom that the exposure will be a low or non risk. Sir Poz even started to Have a research of the anxiety that I feel. Then he told me to get tested on the 3rd month to have a peace of mind. I waited, and Sir Poz research and word of wisdom keep me strong while I am waiting for 3 months to get 
tested. Finally, I am negative.

I want to thank Sir Poz of helping me to be strong to handle my anxiety and thank him for his blog. Once again, thank you very much. I know there are lot of people like me who is anxious. You will have the sign and symptoms, 
but it doesn’t mean that you are infected. Don’t forget to wear condom and like Sir Poz said, if you are sexually active, be tested. I pray to those who are positive. Be strong and keep the faith.

Sir Poz, I hope you will not get tired of helping us. God Bless and Good Health.




Thank you for sharing your story with me and my readers. I am also glad that your HIV test result turned out negative. 

Like what I always tell my email senders, the only way to know one's HIV status is by taking the test. Sometimes we think too much and by doing so, even with a very low risk scenario, anxiety comes out too strongly that manifestations of being sick also comes out. It is a normal reaction however, especially when the fear of getting an incurable disease is in focus.

Thank you XXX for the kind words. We had been communicating for quite sometime and like what I said, I am glad that you, at last, have peace of mind.

Stay healthy,