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Hi Pozziepinoy!

It is so great that I found your website. I'm so depressed while I'm typing this message for you. I desperately need a help. 

I am suffering from having huge anal warts around my anus and it itch like hell. I really want them removed as soon as possible. I heard that if this gets worst it can lead to cancer. I'm so afraid to face the consequences if this stays longer on my body. And so I am just an average man working in a call center with a very minimal wage. I heard that going under surgery to remove the warts can really cost me a lot of money. I cannot afford to so. I haven't tested myself yet for HIV and that's one thing that I'm afraid of. They say that If you have Anal warts, chances are you might have been infected with HIV virus. So my question is: "Is there a private or a government agencies that helps people like me who cannot afford to undergo surgery? " or atleast provides medical loan and pay them later?

Thank You so much and looking forward for your respond. I have entered my email address if you wanna contact me privately.




Thank you for your email. Thank you for finding the blog.

Let me address you concerns in the order that you asked them.

1. With regards to your anal warts, you can have them assessed by any infectious disease doctor first in any hospital. If you don't have insurance and have financial limitations, you can go to any public general hospital and seek consultation. The fees are so minimal.

2. Having anal warts does not necessarily mean you have HIV. Only the HIV test can determine if you are infected or not so the best way to finally know is to get tested as soon as possible.

3. If in case your hospital bill is outstanding and you can't afford it, ask the doctor where you will seek assistance. Usually you will be referred to the social worker of the hospital who will assess your financial capabilities to pay for bills and services and who will also assist you in procuring medical requirements to be sent to PCSO in case the hospital procedures are expensive. For now, since you haven't seen a doctor yet, I advice you to seek consultation first from a doctor. You need to face the truth that you need advice from a professional first before thinking of finances, or procedures.

4. With regards to private or public institutions that can help you, you can check out the website of PCSO and look up "individual medical assistance". There you will see if you are qualified based on the requirements that they need you to present.

I hope I was able to answer all your questions. Feel free to email me again if you have other concerns.

Stay healthy,


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