Email 392: Exposure and "PLHIV Prescription"

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Hope all is well.

I am gay, discreet, and a professional in the field of  education.  
I am an avid reader of your blog and I've been monitoring my  encounters ever since I practiced getting tested every six months at RITM Malate.

I have been an advocate of  safer sex  since I embraced this lifestyle.  Unfortunately, I had a high risk encounter  last June 24, 2013.  

My role is versatile in sexual role playing.  For some foolish, irrational reason, I had sex with a masseur.

I thought  he was on rubber since I saw him  put in on. He penetrated me but after  he came,  i noticed the condom to be  on the bed,  almost clean without any lube stain nor  seminal fluid. I rushed to  the  shower  and  checked.  There was semen gushing from my anus. I reprimanded him  and told him what he did was irresponsible and  out us both at risk.  It was also my mistake for not checking.  I asked if he had been tested for hiv but seemed  oblivious of the whole discourse about hiv and aids and safe sex which frustrated me.I advised him not to do that  next time he had a client.

I was so frustrated and with my presence of mind, called a positive friend.  I researched about pep and  asked him for 3 days of dosage of  nevaripine, lamivudine and tinofovir as  precautionary measure.  I took it 6 hours after the intercourse. Another good friend will provide me another good four days of dosage which will make it  a good 7 days.  According to  the net, I must take it  for 28 days.  

I have a few queries:

1. Does RITM Satellite office in Malate  provide consultancy for this kinds of  situations.
2. Does RITM Satellite office in Malate provide  pep treatment? If not, where shall I request for it?
3. Will this untoward incident  be  validated if If i request that I be subjected to  PEP treatment even if I am not a healthcare worker? 
4. Are these drugs available in mercury?  (I doubt)  
5. What  procedures shall I  do to be able to avail of the prophylaxis treatment?

 I have a core family to  sustain, mom and aunt and I cannot get sick.  I know what happened was irresponsible.  

I would greatly appreciate  your advise. 




Thank you for your email.

I am sorry for what you experienced with your masseur. I won't reprimand for not being vigilant especially the cases of HIV are still on the rise in the country. I know this can happen to anybody and having a masseur who we all know have extra service to most of his clients can be a deadly carrier of the incurable virus. However, thank you for sharing your story and let this be a lesson to everyone.

I am sorry but I just hate people who pretend to be HIV doctors. I know your friends tried to help you out in giving some ARV's which they think might really help you. ARV's are highly toxic medicines and can cause serious side effects in one's organ systems. That is the reason why HIV doctors get blood workout, liver functions tests, etc., done from PLHIV's before prescribing ARV's. I know you are scared but for me the actions of both your friends and yourself are being irresponsible. Please consult a doctor first before taking any medicines. Without proper professional guidance, you will never know what the effects of these meds on you in the first place. It is possible that they may complicate your current situation.

Now let us go in detail with the questions that you listed down. I will answer them in the order that you asked them.

First, RITM Satellite Clinic is an HIV testing site. The counselors can give you direction, but since you just had a recent possible exposure, even the HIV test may produce unconfirmed results.

Second, RITM Satellite Clinic or any HIV Treatment hubs don't prescribe and dispense any PEP unless you are a:

       a. Health professional who had accidentally been exposed to blood through pin prick needles, etc, in the clinic or hospital. If you are, report immediately to your superior about it and PEP will be given within 72 hours post exposure.

       b. You are a rape victim. A police report is needed by the HIV Treatment hubs before prescribing PEP.

Third, sexual encounters are not basis for prescription of PEP.

Fourth, HIV PEP is not available in local pharmacies.

Fifth, based on the story that you wrote, no HIV/AIDS Treatment hub will prescribe you with PEP. The reason for this is that the PEP is given to only those that I mentioned above, and is being monitored by DOH and a full report is needed in order for any prescription to be made by any HIV doctors.

My best advice from you is:

1. Go and seek consultation with an HIV doctor or an infectious disease doctor, ASAP!
2. Don't take any ARV's given by your peers without any HIV doctor's knowledge. A mistake can't be corrected by another mistake, for that matter.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other concerns.

Stay healthy,

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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