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Dear Sir,

Good day to you  i am quite disppointed with one of you counsellor who is not even explain well. I got my HIV test and get the result with non reactive so it means negative so as innocent ofcthe result the counsellor is telling me that i am HIV positve. So i got deppressed for almosf a month since the counselor is telling that i am an HIV+ however when i look back the result while looking some of my documents i suddenly re-open it and i  
read it as all non reActive for both ICT & Qualitatve test. I am disappointed that the couselor is not telling that you are negative and he is telling a misleading advise.



Hi louiejhie.

Thank you for your email. Thank you for sharing us your concern.

Let me go straight to your issue.

First of all, The Project Red Ribbon (TRR) has no counselor in any HIV testing facility. So whoever your counselor was, he or she doesn't represent TRR but the HIV testing facility itself. They have their in-house counselors and TRR usually just assist clients in going to the facility and counsels after one experiences couseling from an in house counselor, when the need arises.

Second, I know that your case is concerning, however, it is the policy of any testing facility that the envelope containing the HIV test result be opened by the client himself or herself first and be read by the client before the post test counselling. He or she should be the one relaying the message to the counselor not vice versa. If indeed, you never read the content of the test result and your counselor did it for you without your permission, then you need to go back to the testing facility and complain about it.

Third, no matter what, you should be responsible for your health and for yourself, not anyone else. You should fully understand what was written in the HIV test result and not your counselor. You should have read it when you got the test result, when you came home and the days after. If your counselor indeed had misread it, still it is your responsibility to grasp the entire thing as the result maybe life changing.

I am sorry for what had happened to you, but next time you take the HIV test, please read the result properly and proactively.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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