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Greetings The Project Red Ribbon!

I am Eigh a counselor from the Love Yourself and I am writing on behalf of my client yesterday, July 4, 2014, who wishes to extend his deepest gratitude to your organization for having a page such as PozziePinoy.

He mentioned that while he was in a state of anxiety and paranoia and before he decided to get tested (he was abroad during those times) your page was his source of information and ideas; and while I was asking him about his plans if ever his HIV Antibody test turned out to be reactive he displayed such readiness and willingness to undergo baseline tests and to enroll himself in a treatment hub and that is all because of your page.
He also wishes to extend his gratitude to every soul who shared their story, and for those who replied to the threads he had been following.
Kudos Project Red Ribbon! I put my hands down! More power!

Eigh Bacolod

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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