Should I Seek Legal Counsel?

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Hi admin

Gud day to you.I have a question.Last May 23 i had my medical exam for my application abroad.I got tested for HIV And Syphilis i think.Then when im about to finish all the lab and tests they asked me to withdraw again another blood sample for my serology then i said yes i asked them why they need to make a retest but they didn't answer me.So i got confused and upset and then the receptionist told me that the result went inconclusive but they didn't tell me exactly what test is that and what they told me they need to confirm it with DOH so i said Ok then they advised me that 2 to 3 days the results will be released so they advised me to come back.I came back and I got upset because there's no result yet they wil just txt me if the results is already released so i got mad told them that they have wasted my time efort and money going  to their clinic in Malate.They did not made an apology for what they did.So i just calm down and asked them again if when wil i know the results so they told me to just txt me and wait for 10 busines days. I went back in the province after 10 bisnes days i called and txted them and told me again that theres no results yet.So my temper rises because it gave dilema already to my aplication.And so they just replied that Doh is a public facility so i and them just wait when doh wil send the results.So i demanded them to folow it up personaly because i paid them 5k for that medikal and they did not tell me anyting about my medikal f theres something wrong or not.and they just ignore me and never replied for my mesages the folowing question is do i have the right now  to complain the clinic and asked an advised from a lawyer because they already cause damage to me physicaly and emotionaly.I got anxiety atack sleeples nyt and suicidal atempts becoz it must be my ryt to know my medikal and yet they are not disclosing anyting.pls help



Hi Marcus.

Thank you for your email. Thank you for reading the blog and sharing your concern with us.

Let us just focus on the HIV test as this website is all about that.

Here is the procedure for the HIV test in all the HIV testing facilities in the Philippines:

1. Pre HIV counselling
2. Drawing of blood
3. Minimum of 2 hours or may take days before the result comes out if negative or non reactive.
4. If the result turns out positive or reactive, no paper will be given to you as your blood sample will be sent to SACCL DOH for confirmatory. It will undergo the Western Blot test to really make sure that the sample has HIV or not.
5. This process may take at least 2 weeks or sometimes will take a month for the final result to come out. The testing facility will ask you to wait until the result comes out.
6. The final result from SACCL DOH will then be sent to the HIV testing facility.
7. Post HIV counselling

I know it is freaking you out, but that is the process here. I guess, the only issue in your testing facility is that the staff weren't able to brief you on the procedure, and explain to you the waiting period. You don't need to seek legal consult. You may opt to ask the management of the testing facility for explanation whether verbal or written about the entire process, and perhaps complain why your were not informed about them in the first place as that is your right as a paying client. Trust me, that waiting period is scary as you have no inkling what's going on. Best is to see an infectious disease doctor now while waiting and seek consult.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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