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Thanks for the time you spent with The Project Red Ribbon, Dr. Mars Custodio, Chairman of Asia and Pacific Islanders Coalition on HIV/AIDS (APICHA), NYC. I am glad that you were able to attend our Outreach Program in RITM-ARG and help us visit our fellow PLHIV's who are confined in the wards. I am also glad that you took time to talk to our brothers and sisters in our TRR Support Group Talk to share with us your wisdom.

Your kind words are very heart-warming:

"I am glad I connected with the group and that they were receptive to our ideas eps. as regards increased HIV testing, taking charge of their treatment program, and ways and means to decrease stigma and discrimination....The Project Red Ribbon will be our main advocacy in Manila.

"I love the group and I am sure it will flourish. I will follow closely from NY and try to help from there."

"Very good group - the Project Red Ribbon. Effective, committed and focused leadership. Needs coordinated support from the 8 or more treatment hubs and the MD's specialising in HIV/AIDS work , the DOH, and UNAIDS."

-We are all in this together-

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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