Condom Distribution in F Club

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The Project Red Ribbon (TRR) HIV Awareness and Education partnered with F Club in Quezon City for a regular distribution of FREE condoms and lubricants in the club. This is made possible by TRR's partnership with the National AIDS/STD Prevention and Control Program (NASPCP) of the Department of Health.

TRR HIV Awareness and Education Program will also reach out to different bars, clubs, party gatherings, spa's and massage parlors in Metro Manila and in the big cities of the country. We will be distrubuting FRR condoms and lubricants, post our TRR banners, posters and hand out TRR HIV flyers with our HIV Hotline numbers and website for people to contact us and ask questions pertaining to HIV, HIV awareness, HIV Testing and HIV Treatment.

If you want to partner with TRR's program, please contact our TRR HIV Testing, Awareness & Education Manager, Yomi at 0926-697-2240.

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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