My PLHIV Story: HIV Stops With Me!

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This is the first time im sharing my story to anyone, there are only two members of my family who knew about my case and sufferings, my aunts from my father side, even my parents are not aware of my case, i had plans to go abroad to seek a better future, i dont know but at the back of my mind there is this thinking that i might be positive of HIV then, until the time of my medical i was still very nervous, the more i became nervous when it took me a day to receive a call from my agency to confirm my tests, it took actually almost two days for them to call me, just to inform me that i have to go back to the diagnostic center for rechecking of HIV test, there i almost lost everything in my mind, i didnt tell anyone whats happening to me, i was just quiet, then i went to clinic for verification i  
was so ashamed to enter the clinic for the second time, because i know there will be speculations about me the moment i sit on that chair, it was still good that the tech who took my sample was very optimistic in saying, "i should not worry because most of their clients turns negative", that helped me a lot, i  still have hope that it will then turn negative,  
he even told me the result will be confidential i will be the one to open the envelope and read it myself, (3 weeks later, year 2012). I got the result i was looking at his desk he has around 3-4 envelops in his shelf, he took the first envelop its already opened I was dismayed, but the most heart breaking news is that i am HIV positive, i went out the clinic  
hearing nothing , i dont even know if i checked the road before passing the next thing i know i was walking like DEAD. until i get the guts to tell to my aunt through messages i  didn't answer her calls. i dont know if can tell it personally to her, honestly i asked jesus why me? many times that night, i was feeling OK i didnt knew this is happening to me, ive been to a lot of churches praying for a miracle that i hope on my next test it will  
turn negative, just for me not to lose hope. I got tested the second time, but the second test still took 3 weeks to release the result, i didnt go to the clinic to get my results i knew then that it is again positive. Since the day I've found out im positive, i promised to myself not to have sex to anyone anymore not until GOD will permit to do so, until when? I don't know only God knows.

There were times that i almost killed myself but i dont have the heart to do so who am i to end my life God gave this to me only god can take it from me, Im still hoping for a miracle and praying that there will be a medicine that will end up all these. My treatment started Feb. 25, 2013, my cd4 was 205 after 6 months of treatment it went up to 235 my Dr. congratulated me 'cause my body is responding very well with the treatment. As of now i  
feel contented with where im standing now, Im sick it's because of what I did/didn't do in the past, HIV should stop from me, im still in a big hope that i will have my own healthy family, without HIV infection, soon


NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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