The 1st Project Red Ribbon Dance Class & Boot Camp Workout

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 9:50 PM
The Health and Fitness Program of the Project Red Ribbon Care Management Program (TRR) just held its 1st TRR Dance Class and Boot Camp Workout for PLHIV's in Quezon City.

The program is the pilot class of TRR to develop and enhance skills, improve fitness of PLHIV's through dancing and functional training workout. Our friends and supporters, the Dance Diva, Ms. Regine Tolentino and actor husband, Lander Vera Perez gave inspirational talk to our fellow PLHIVs.

Starting March 15, a Tai-Chi class, a Yoga Class will be included in the program. The fitness classes are on donation basis only to pay for the place and facilities. All programs are scheduled every Saturday from 7am-12nn in Quezon City.

For details of schedules and venue, please contact our Care Managers:

Gerald: 0917-899-0473
Yomi: 0926-697-2240

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