My HIV Test Experience

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Thank you. Your blog was very helpful. Everything I needed to prepare myself for the tests was here. It basically showed me I should stop procrastinating and stop making up excuses.

When I was younger, I didn't care much about my sexual health. I thought if I show my affection through sex, they'll love me back. I was wrong. I learned the hard way that I should love myself more.

It was only around February last year that I started taking my overall health seriously. I had sexual contact with about 30 men, mostly unprotected, during my rebellious phase from 2005 to 2013.

I had this fear of having the virus even though I haven't been tested yet. I wanted to have peace of mind. The "what ifs" haunted me. My biggest push was the idea that I might have transferred the virus to others.

I did some research and found your blog. It's very informative. It's straight to the point.

I traveled from Rizal to Manila with the hopes of having negative results. Took a van, two trains and a pedicab to get to the clinic.

When I got there, it didn't feel like I was at a clinic, at all. The receiving staff was very friendly and accommodating. Everyone made me feel comfortable. It was what I really needed.

After the registration, Yomi, the most cheerful person I met there, talked to me. Asked me if I was okay and told me what's going to happen. He made me feel so at ease.

My blood was then extracted. The lady who drew my blood was even apologetic because it hurt a bit. JD oriented us afterwards.

About an hour later, JD called my number for the pre-test counseling. I was holding back tears. I was too emotional. Had to use the restroom several times to wipe my tears dry.

I thought the 2-hour wait would be the longest two hours of my life. But it wasn't. It went by so fast.

An hour later, JD called my number. It was a good thing I brought tissue and water with me.

It was the scariest moment of my life. Even before JD opened the envelope, I was already crying. I was waiting for him to tell me what I didn't want to hear, that the results were reactive.

Then he, said, non-reactive. I cried even more. I said thank you over and over again. Shared the reason why I was there. Really felt like I was talking to a friend.

JD waited for me to calm down. When we stood up, I did something I've never done before to someone I just met. I hugged him. I felt so relieved. I think I squeezed him too much. The same thing happened with Yomi.

It was a blessing to have found your blog, RITM, and Love Yourself, and all the people behind it. It gave me the strength I needed. All of you are inspiring.

More power to all of you and thank you so much. Thank you for giving me the peace of mind I lost. Thank you for helping me become more grateful. Thank you.


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