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Dear PozziePinoy:

I am your newest follower.  Your blog is an inspiring and intelligent read and I am thankful I discovered it.  You are heaven-sent especially for people now struggling with the dreaded human immunodeficiency virus, which many young men and women in the Philippine Islands today have not taken so seriously.  I am a closeted gay and I have opted to remain sexually inactive for many years now because of the repercussions of engaging in sex with persons of the same orientation.  I hope more and more islanders, homosexual or straight, will discover your site and learn more about HIV, gain insights into the life-stories of people living with the virus, and help disseminate information on the virus and on the available treatments. 

I shall support this blog as long as I am alive and as I can.


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NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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