Email 371: New CD4 Machine and Vaccination Fees

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 9:05 PM

Hi Pozzie,

I'm a regular reader/ follower of your blog.

May I ask about the news of Karen Davila in Channel 2 about a day ago regarding "CD4 Counter Flow Cytometer Test" being offered by PGH for a price starting Php 2,500. Kindly refer to this- as guide. Do you have any idea on this? Is it the same with the one RITM, San Lazaro or other hubs are using? I am due for 2nd CD4 count this June. I shelled out for the 1st  CD4 count in Jan this year for Php 2,200 I think, 2nd CD4 count will be covered by my PHIC but thinking that the "new" technology of PGH is different from the "I know" CD4 count. Anyway, Any idea with the news? What's new with this test? Please enlighten me, if possible.

Another thing, how much is the going cost of adult flu vaccine in other hubs? I am scheduled for immunization tomorrow, and the coordinator in PGH-SAGIP quoted a Php 1,000 for flu vaccine alone. I have checked the price with Mercury Drugs and it only costs for less than Php 600. I already had pneumoccocal vaccine last year with my private doctor for Php 1,500 only, my concern is the cost of other vaccines my IDS will prescribe tomorrow, I think it's bit pricey in PGH-SAGIP.

Thanks in advance and more power.

God bless you more,



Hi Ricky.

Thank you for your email. Thank you for always reading the blog. I hope you find all the answers that you need here.

With regards to your question, I believe that the machine that was featured has the same function as the ones that RITM and San Lazaro Hospital have. In the youtube video, it just mentioned that the machine measures the CD4 count which is the same as the machines that the two other hubs have. In my opinion, as long as they serve the same purpose and still has specificity for CD4 testing, then there is no point in comparing the machines of the hubs.

With regards to the vaccination costs, I believe that the fees in PGH are cheaper than the other hospitals. I had my flu vaccine last month in The Medical City and I spent P1,500 for the shot. In my humble opinion, just get your vaccinations in the PGH. However, you can still call SLH or RITM so you can compare the fees of the vaccines that your IDS will prescribe you.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,