Email 379: Pregnancy and the HIV Test

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 9:42 PM

Hello and good day everyone.

Im back to tell you the good news about my confirmatory test result..Last may 22 one staff in the medical center where our medical was done called me and said that I need to go there because the Dr will need to talk to me about the result when I heard that my heart beats fast because that day can change my whole life.I experience sleepless night especially the day when they call me. When Im on my way I keep praying holding the handkerchief of black nazarene and inside that is a rosary and black nazarene necklace..Our DR told me that  ll be the one who will open the envelope of my confirmatory result Im very nervous during that time and thanks god its both non reactive..NOw I can say that I can now pursue my dreams to work in other country and live there with my own family .GOd never neglect me and I wll give my highest praise to him .JUst pray with all your heart and god will listen.THis things serves me a lesson that I need
to be more careful in my  job because as a healthcare worker we are high risk to get this kind of disease..




Thank you for your email again.

I am glad that everything turned out well. Like what my previous response to you, which Dr. Ditangco concurred, pregnancy can produce a false positive result in the HIV test because of the blood chemistry changes during pregnancy. I am happy that what you have experienced didn't dyer you from retaking the test. Now, life for you has opened a wider door, for you to reach once again all your dreams.

Stay healthy,