Email 378: FIGHT!

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 9:32 PM

Hi there! 

It was a gloomy thursday afternoon of May 30, 2013 when I knew that I'm HIV positive. My life turned dramatically. I don't how to start my life after knowing that I'm positive. I was thinking of killing myself in many different ways to somehow alleviate my family's burden with me when I get weak. But God enlighten me that there's life afterall. Life is prescious and we have to treasure it. I know that I've sinned alot and I guess it's time for me to pay it. Living a life with HIV is a struggle every single day. But being optimistic is the best way to fight HIV. Smile. Care. Be kind. Love. Be concern with others. Help those that are needy. Above all, talk to God, listen to Him and ask for forgiveness. Invite Him to come into your life and make Him the center of all. I've learned so many lessons in life when I knew that I'm positive. I appreciate the beauty of life. Pay attention to every details of God's creation. Whenever I walk the streets, I always look up and praise God for the wonders of life. Don't waste life. Don't add to our numbers. Live life to the fullest because death is eternity. Now, my plan is to be an HIV advocate. In that way, in the remaining days of my life hereon Earth is worth remembering when I'm gone. Life goes on. FIGHT!



Hi Vans.

Thank you for your email.

I am glad that everything has turned well for you. It is the faith and the strength of your conviction that everything will be ok despite having HIV that really helped you with your struggle. I hope that others will read all the words that you have written and may others be inspired by them.

Keep on inspiring others. We all need each other.

Stay healthy,