My HIV Test Experience

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Hi there Pozziepinoy!

First of all I would like to thank you for maintaining a very informative blog like this. I stumbled upon your blog last December when I started looking for more information regarding HIV/AIDS. You see last November I started getting circular rashes I took for ringworm, starting in my trunk and chest then on my legs and buttocks. I tried Canesten and Salicylic acid for a full month which seemed to work at first but when I stopped using it, just recurred. I then tried Lamisil for 2 weeks but the rashes still kept popping up. I then went to a Dermatologist who prescribed me systemic oral antifungal. After completing the 2-week course, some of the lesions got better but more rashes popped up. All these time I was worried that this could be something else.

Although I have never really been promiscuous, I did have casual sex last April 2013. It was just oral sex but the guy came in my mouth. I never had anyone come in my mouth before, nor had I any Anal sex at all. I know it's low risk but the problem is I had a tooth extracted 2 weeks prior. I immediately spit the cum out and wiped my tongue. After that I never saw  
the guy again. Now after a few months these rashes started popping up which seem not to respond to regular treatments. I was dead worried that I may have been infected. I was  not getting enough sleep due to anxiety. I also lost weight. I felt sick. I started looking for more information about HIV/AIDS and found your blog.

Your blog gave me the courage to take the test. I just kept on telling myself, why should I be afraid of something if I might already have it? Plus the fact that I know that if ever I tested positive I will not be alone in handling the situation. So today, January 23, I went to Love yourself Platinum to be tested. The process was smooth and efficient. Alex and  
Ray, my counselor were very nice and accommodating. All my questions were confidently answered and I learned new information.

My results were NON-REACTIVE! Thank God! I was so relieved! I think I have never been so relieved in my entire life! I then promised myself then that I will do everything to stay healthy and HIV negative.

Thank you so much for giving me the courage and the strength to get tested.  
Keep up the good work!


NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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