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This is reality. We are faced with deaths because of HIV & AIDS. We can't turn a blind eye. We need to accept that it is happening in our country and we as a PLHIV community should one, cherish our lives more, two appreciate the services being delivered to us, three, love more and be decent members of society, four, continue inviting people to take the HIV test and five, educate others on early detection and early treatment.

Below is the story of Wanda's love to her brother who recently passed away because of HIV & AIDS. May this story serve an inspiration for others to keep on pursuing our advocacy. 

To Wanda and your family, your brother is now our angel. His story here will keep on inspiring me to work more and to do more for our fellow PLHIV's and educate our countrymen about HIV and AIDS.

Your brother's story will be in our hearts forever.

Dear Pozzie,

I just lost my brother last January 16, because of serious complications and HIV stage IV.
He just confessed this to me October last year while he's drastically losing weight.
He was confirmed positive since 2007, shocked at first but it's too late to nag on him and asked why was that and what if's.  Immediately I brought him to San Lazaro to get his documents and transferred him to RITM w/c we believe that this Hospital is more relaxing than the view of the patients queuing in OPD.

Since he did not take his ARV's when he found out his problem, we started from the base one. Requested Cd4 count, blood test, xray, sputum, the Doctor then gave us first line of medication w/c included the anti-TB antibacterial medications etc. After he started taking the anti-TB, he began coughing so hard and with phlegm, we waited for 2 weeks to get the results of the sputum test and voila, he already acquired Pulmonary TB. DOTS gave us medication that is a combination of 4 names ( isoniazid, etc.) after 2 weeks again he's HbsAG positive (hepa).

I am so heartbroken seeing my brother chilled every hour, with poor appetite and almost 1 1/2month of fever. We decided to rushed him to the hospital. He stayed for 3 weeks almost, and released Dec 16. He just spent his birthday, Christmas, NewYear and now he's gone. Too young to die, he's just 28 and we are only 2 siblings of our parents.  A very sad story. Hope that this stops (virus) immediately. I can't just move on...


NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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