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Hi Mr. Pozziepinoy,


My name is XXX from Abu Dhabi.  I've been here for six years na po.  Bisexual po ako.  Share ko lng po yung experience ko lately kasi natatakot po ako na baka magkaroon ako ng HIV. 

Last October 2012 po may naencounter ako na Palestenian guy pero kissing lang po at blow job ginawa ko sa kanya.  Di po sya ngejaculate sa mouth ko.  Then last January 06, 2013 po may naencounter akong British guy.  That time po masakit ipin ko and namamaga po sya.  I gave him a blow job pero di po sya ngejaculate sa mouth ko. Kaso yung sperm cells nya tumalsik sa paa ko. Ngtry din po sya na ifuck ako sa butt ko pero i stopped him kasi masakit so di po nya tinuloy.  I asked him if he is safe then sabi naman nya every 3 months nagpapacheck up sya so safe daw po sya kaso napaparanoid lang po ako kasi natatakot ako baka po di sya nagsasabi ng totoo at di sya safe.  Ngayon po i'm so scared.  My possibility po ba na mahawa agad ng ganon scenario ang ginawa namin?  Sensya na po sa message ko kasi nasa work ako now kaya minadali ko.  Hope to hear from you soon po. God Bless.



My name is XXX from Abu Dhabi. I’ve been here for six years already. I am bisexual. I would like to share my experience because lately I am scared that I may have HIV. Last October 2012, I had an encounter with a Palestinian guy but we I only kissed him and gave him a blow job. He didn’t ejaculate in my mouth. Then last January 6, 2013, I had an encounter with a British guy. That time, my tooth was aching and it was swollen. I also gave him a blow job but again, he didn’t ejaculate in my mouth, instead on my feet. We also tried anal sex but I stopped him because it was painful.  I asked him if it was safe and he said that every 3 months, he gets a check up and he was safe but I was just paranoid because I was scared that he may not be telling me the truth and he is not safe. 

Now, I am scared. Is there a possibility that I may get it with the scenario of what we did? Sorry for my message as I am at work and I just rushed it.

Hope to hear from you soon. God bless.




Thank you for your email. Thank you for finding my blog. 

With regards to your question, with your 2 encounters, the one that I am worried about is the encounter with the British guy. Based on your story, one, you may have an wound or an oral infection that time and 2, you may have had unprotected sex. Although he didn't ejaculate in your mouth or in your behind, still he might have precum during both oral and anal sex and the exchange of seminal fluid between him and you may transmit the virus. Although of course, we still couldn't tell unless you get the HIV test.

To be frank with you, having sex with somebody and asking if he or she is safe prior to any sexual intercourse is not a reliable evidence for him or her to be "safe". In these days when you can get it from anybody, we really have to be careful with our "encounters". If you don't know the person, please wear protection all the time. Better be safe than sorry right? Unless of course you get into a deeper relationship where you both will commit to one another only but it is still best to get an HIV test before you guys go into any unprotected sex. 

I will ask for any support groups in Abu Dhabi and I will forward it to you so you will know what to do and what next steps you need to take.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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