Love Story: Unconditional Love

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I'm not good in writing and I even don't know how to start my story. But let me share what my my friends and family told me when they found out about my condition.

From my first cousin: "masyadong nag alala yung ate mo sa yo. Dun lang namin sya nakitang umiyak.(Your sister got so worried about you. It was the first time that we saw her cry). We all know that she has a very strong personality but during that time she's so worried of what might happen to you." 

Girl best friend: (in the hospital and in tears) "di naman kami nagkulang sa pagpapaalala sa yo to practice safe sex. (We never stopped reminding you to parctice safe sex) But whatever it is we are still here for you."

Sister:  (during one of our chat session) I told Tatay (dad) to accept whatever it is that will happen while you are in the hospital. He just replied "anak ko yan, tatanggapin ko siya kung ano man yan" (he is my son, and I will accept him for who he is).

During those tough times, I realized who my friends really are. At the same time, I felt the unconditional love of my parents and siblings. My sister motivates me to do whatever things that will make me happy and even willing to support my future endeavors. My friends never turned their back but instead strengthened our relationship.

The countless days and nights my mom spent taking good care of me. It was just now that I realized that I'm surrounded with people who cares and love me. People that doesn't make me feel that I'm sick. Sometimes, I just forget that I have the virus because they don't make me feel different.

I’m always asking, how did I survive the complications. It is still a big puzzle for me but only one thing is for sure. It’s the unconditional love of the people around me and their prayers helped me go through the toughest time of my life.

Thanks pozziepinoy for asking me to share my story.

Happy valentines day to all our readers.

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