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First I want to tell you my background, currently I’m working in a BPO company. Im 30 years old when I was diagnosed last February 2012. My hub is SLH, and right after I was diagnosed I started with my treatment right away because my doctor says that I was co-infected with hepatitis C and I needed to start my medications. So he gave me Azt+3tc and NPV, but it only took me 1 week for that combination because I had a rash for allergy so I was admitted to SLH for medication and observation because my doctor changed from NPV to efavirenz. After a week of medications there, they told me that I can continue with the efavirenz as I don’t have allergy on it, but they never treated my hepatitis C.

I am writing you, because I want to seek help for my hep C. I want to live more because I’m helping my family in the province. My gastro doctor told me that I needed to start my treatment of hep C because my viral load of my hepC is almost at baseline i mean the average. But I cannot afford my medication for hep C because my doctor says that my genotype is 1 and need to be treated for almost a year, with a weekly injection and oral, amounting to P9,900.00 per week for 1 year so more or less I need P490K+. 

Please help me. I know you have contacts in PCSO that will surely help and with a good heart. I don’t need money just medicines. Please I really need your help. 

I maybe survive with HIV but I will die with my coninfection.

Hoping for your kind reply.
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Thank you for your email. Thanks for finding the blog.

I agree with your decision and with the advice of your doctor. You need to treat your co-infection and in your case, the hepatitis C. As long as it remains untreated, it will compund your entire treatment process.

What you need to do, first is to talk to your doctors in San Lazaro Hospital if they can assist you with the medicines. I am pretty sure that they have social workers there who would help you with your dilemma. If that won't work, you can ask assistance from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). I encourage all PLHIV's seeking medical assistance to look into the PCSO Website and check for all the requirements needed. You will be coordinating with SLH, and your doctors for all the requirements. Finish all your requirements and then proceed to the PCSO in the Lung Center in Quezon City first thing in the morning. 

Please rush all your documents so you can get treatment ASAP. 

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

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