Think You Have HIV!

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 9:24 AM

A lot of questions have been raised. A lot of people think they have HIV because of the symptoms that they think are related to HIV. A lot of people are worried because they had unprotected sex and might have gotten the virus.

I do understand what you are feeling. I know it is hard. Now what do you want to do? What will be your next step?

1. Get tested!

If you had an unprotected sex, it is best to think that you may have been infected with HIV. Seriously? YES! That's the only thing that would scare you and lead you to the testing site fast and to take the test. Take it from me. I had unprotected sex before and I was in denial, and just tried to tell myself that I wouldn't get it. The end result? I was late diagnosed. I already had AIDS when I got tested. The worst part is I may have transmitted it to others because I assumed that I didn't have it.

If you had unprotected sex, don't think anymore. Assume that you may have gotten it. Get tested fast. The best time to take it is 3 months post exposure (last exposure), assuming that there was no prior unprotected sex encounters. By then the virus has already replicated and the antibodies can be detected by the HIV test. If you had previous unprotected encounters, then take the test now.

Always remember that in the Philippines where the cases of HIV is still on the rise, we have to put in our minds that it is not safe to have sex with just anybody now. You won't know who is carrying it. You can't see it from somebody's physical appearance. You just can't trust anybody saying that they are "clean" unless you see the real document of the HIV test itself, and when it was taken.

2. Don't Wait for Symptoms

People have been sending emails about symptoms that they think are HIV related. Everyone can have everyday symptoms of infection. HIV symptomatology is non-specific and it can be a myriad of signs and symptoms depending on the immune system of the person.

Why wait for the symptoms then if they are non-specific to HIV before taking the test. In the last HIV/AIDS Registry of the DOH-NEC (December 2012), of the 293 cases, 288 cases (98.2%) of the HIV positives, the mode of transmission was sexual contact. Does this ring a bell now? 

Take the test when you had unprotected sex! PERIOD! Assume that you may have the virus and don't wait for the symptoms.

3. Stop Thinking and Start Moving

You had unprotected sex. You know you may have been infected. Don't deny it anymore. No more excuses! Act now! Take the test! You will be saving yourself. You will be saving the lives of others. You will be preventing financial burden caused by hospitalizations and medicines. 

It is scary, I know, but don't you think it would be better to be scared now than be worried later on. I, for one was regretting what happened. I felt guilty that I may have helped in spreading it. Don't be like me. Be a better and responsible person.

Take the test now. You will be doing yourself and the community a big favor!

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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