Love Story: Inspiring Others

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 10:22 PM

For the second time I was able to return to RITM-ARG in Alabang to refill my Nevirapine as I was now done with my trial period. Thanks to my very responsive body as I don't have any side EFFECTS yet with this medicine. Hopefully no more. Being in RITM-ARG is like a second home and haven that you are walking freely without thinking of your condition. It is also a place where you can exchange experiences with other PLHIV......

At this point I want to share this in taglish as I want to share the emotion of our conversations.

While waiting for my turn to be called I decided to stay outside ARG, i sat beside a mother whose son is inside ARG. She smiled at me and i smiled back at her. Just like us, the mother also want to gain more information about the condition, about some prevention, as well as experiences i believe that will help her and son to become strong. Without any hesitation and with all my heart i shareD my experience with JOY and POSITIVISM, i showed to her that the this CONDITION is not something to be scared of but to take care of. Although with my FULL conviction  I can feel  that the mother is in PAIN....She is very worried about the disease. She said to me " alam mo anak, wala sa akin kung ano yung sakit niya...ang ikinatatakot ko yung kung anong mangyayari sa kanya". She said that at first her son is very afraid to tell the condition to her believing that they will hate him. " Walang inang magtatakwil sa anak, kahit mahirap kami, wala kaming pera, siya pa nga ang nagtratrabaho sa amin pero sa pagkakataon na ito iba ang ginagawa ng magulang, tutulungan ko siya yan ang sinabi ko  sa kanya". She is in tears.......without thinking I HUGGED HER..... I told her " look at me mother, Im strong....becoz i believe Im strong...Sana po mag start na din po mag ARV ng anak nio kasi talagang makakatulong po yun sa kanya" She asked me libre ba dito? " Mother everything here is for free. Kung gumastos man tayo konting konti lang po. Mommy Smile po kayo kasi kapag d po tayo nagsmile malulungkot po yung anak nio. Kapag nalungkot siya malulungkot din uli kayo. Malungkot po ang buhay. Kapag masaya kayo, magiging masaya din po siya at magiging masaya ang lahat. And she smiled again..

I have learned so many things about this condition..

1. Sometimes it is not really the disease is painful but seeing your parents in PAIN....So to all PLHIV out there cheer up don't show to your parents that your are down...Show to them that you are STRONG....that this virus cant pull you down...

2. PARENTS are the best DOCTORS in town. They are also your # 1 PROTECTOR...They touches your heart and soul.

3. You can inspire others. If you can do it as often as you can DO IT...let them FEEL IT!

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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