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Dear Pozzie

Your blog helps me a lot… actually  my mind already treating myself as HIV positive even though I was not yet tested.. So paranoid… but once I read the positive inputs coming from you site.. it relieved myself… the positivism the you and the contributor (Dr. Phillip) provide help me survive everyday… below are the stories that happened during that unprotected sex…

On that night we had laugher, drinks and was enjoy life to the fullest with my friends (coming from at the bar and my wife at our house…. 2 russian ladies set beside our table, I did the first move and to cut the story short…those ladies are prostitute and the deal is on…. I had no money my friend finance the deal… so went straight to the hotel and we end up in the room…. The prostitute has no condom, I called the reception they don’t have…It end up  going outside the hotel and looking for 1….. first condom is out of stocks… then when I was at the taxi  I told to myself that for the next stop once their no available I will not do it anymore, its already 12 midnight………but unluckily they have available stocks…..we straight up to the hotel and bang the prostitute…. i want her to blowjob but she refuse.. so I  did lick her pussy for her to suck mine but she insist not to do it… licking her unwet pussy for less than a minute.. then we do the vaginal sex with my condom on, and she is on top… it lasted only few minutes as mine releases…………then we dressed up and head back to the club and back to drinking…but guilt and conscience was already on my mind of what had happened….


We always find God is not always at our side, we neglect HIM…..but on my stories….God is their beside me trice..

1.    Prostitute has no condom
2.    Hotel has no condom
3.    Pharmacy has no condom

For  those 3 scenario God is present.. but I neglect it as I have been weak to hear HIS voice but rather tempted to do the wrong….. If HE punish me just one click from HIM… I will be getting the virus…..

On positive side… my wife and I are more closer now, were prayer full and we give time to each other…. Not like before that were very far, we always quarrel with just small things….. Im still hopeful that God will not give me these virus…. And HE will give me a chance to bring back my previous life…

God bless us and to all PLHIV…

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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