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Ask lang ako about hiv testing. My posibilidad po ba magkaroon ng hiv kahit gumamit ng condom. Im here in Singapore gumamit ako ng babaing bayaran. Thailand national cia. Lasing ako noon kaya hndi ganon katigas ang ari ko. Pero gumamit ako ng condom cguro 5mins lang ang penetration then tapos na. Wala ng sumunod dun. Last August pa po nangyari yun. 

Ngun natatakot ako baka kasi infected ako ng virus kasi simula nung araw na yun nagkaroon n aq ng rashes. Mapupula at minsan namamantal pa. Tapos minsan masakit ulo ko at nanghihina. Okay nman pangangatawan ko. Ngayon natatakot ako kasi 3 weeks n ako laging may singaw sa bibig pagkakagaling ng isa may kasunod na ulit. Di po ba sign din ng hiv yun. Ngayon nag resign na ako sa work ko pra umuwi ng pinas para magpa test. Tulungan nio po sana ako. Sana nman hndi ito hiv kc isang beses lang ako nakipag sex sa bayadan kahit sa ibang babae malilinis naman sila at mga professional.




I would like to ask about the HIV Testing. Is there a possibility to get HIV even when using a condom? I am here in Singapore and I paid a prostitute, a Thailand national. I was drunk then and my penis wasn’t hard. I used the condom for 5 minutes of penetration and that was it. No other sexual contact happened after that. It happened last August.

Now, I am scared that I got infected with HIV because since that day, I had red rashes. Sometimes I have headaches and body weakness. My body is ok. I am scared because for 3 weeks I always have intermittent mouth sores. Are those signs of HIV? Now, I resigned from work to go back to the Philippines to get tested. I wish you can help me. I really hope that this is not HIV because it happened only once and they are clean and professional.

Thank you



Hello Mr XXX,

Thank you for sharing your story. The correct use of condom during sexual intercourse can effectively provide a high degree of protection against HIV. With proper use of condom, HIV transmission may even be close to impossible. The initial symptoms of HIV may include Flu-like symptoms, however, most people do not develop these symptoms after getting infected with HIV. The symptoms you have right now are very vague and could not be used as a basis to tell whether you have been infected or not. The best way to know is to get tested. Try not too worry too much as this may psychologically add more physical symptoms. I hope everything turns out well for you. Feel free to ask if you have more questions. 

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