Email 257: Worried OFW from the Middle East

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 12:02 PM
Hi Pozziepinoy...

Thanks you so much for your blog.. it really helps me....

Im working here in the middle east.. I had unsafe oral sex with a russian prostitute.... that is the big mistake that I have done in my life, a friend treated me and I grabbed it..........after 4 days I had this fever and flu till now almost 20 days already,  I’m having diarhea, sometime night sweat which are very uncommon before this unsafe sex... Im going for unscheduled vacation this XXX for HIV test... 

Here are my querries..

1. Are my sympthoms related to HIV
2. Where is the best and confidential HIV testing center in Manila?  Actually I’m from XXX but I will be going for a test in Manila...

My wife knows my situation and she just keeps me motivated all the time...

I'm scared.....thinking all the time... cant concetrate work....I HAVE NO PEACE  OF MIND....

Thanking you in advance for your time to reply.....




The symptoms you did mention are non-specific for possible exposure to HIV. Acute retroviral syndrome do happen but I believe it happens so fast in your case and you tend to develop the so called ' text book symptoms' which more likely stem from your anxiety about HIV. First, we do not know if the russian prostitute is HIV positive, she could be HIV negative. Second, your manner of exposure has ALMOST non-existent risk for HIV being the receiver of the oral sex. 

I do not discount on what you feel right now like fever,night sweats,  flu or diarrhea. It could be due to anxiety or you could have other illness not related to HIV exposure so better see a doctor there and avoid over thinking. If you do not have any other risky exposures in the past, then I believe that your test will turn out negative.

Have a peace of mind.


Phillip Tjr (MD)
Philippine Contributor

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