Love Story: I Am Blessed

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 10:58 PM

Happy Valentine my POZ Friends!

Let me tell you about my greatest moment of love...

Two years ago I had AIDS and started at  7 CD4 with my the medical therapy.

At this time I noticed that, staying alive, is the only really important thing in life and I decided to tell the whole world that I got the virus that everyone is so afraid of.
3 months later  my CD4 was increased to 50 and my body felt much better.

One day I put my little daughter to bed and as I looked  into her big brown eyes,
I thought about the stupid stuff that people has been talking about around her, assuming that she and my son were positive too.

A teardrop started dripping down my face, and later I was sobbing.

My daughter took my hand and told me:

“ Dad you don´t have to be sad. You can not infect me”

She was 4 years old and knew more about the virus, than most of the adults around her,
only by listening to our conversations. Maybe someday the Other´s will understand too...

Now my kids are still negative and I think they are happy.
The only person, who really was in danger of getting infected was my ex-wife, who never made me any accusation and nevertheless she is negative, Thank God!
Even when we are divorced , she is my best friend and her man is a such good Guy.
I found a new love too and my CD4 now have exceeded the 300 and still increasing.

God must love me...I am very happy.

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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