Email 267: Thank You!

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 7:37 AM

I have a close friend in Manila who is HIV+ and he made contact with you. He received good advice and support and I thank you for that.

I have been living with HIV for nearly 3yrs now.  Being a greek man and living in the EU may mean I get better meds then that of the Phill, but we must all stand together and show support. I've accpeted the fact that my life style has changed and Im just as happy now as I was before hearing the news. You're doing a good work, keep it up.



Hi B.

Thank you B for your email. I appreciate your kind words. 

When I started the blog I didn't know that it would go this far. During the first months of my HIV treatment, it was just my diary. Later on, people started sending me emails and I decided then to make it my own advocacy. The emails started piling up and when there are times that I could not keep up with the amount of emails that I receive, volunteer contributors started helping out in answering questions, which I am truly grateful for. Even the Chat Room has become interactive because of the people mingling with other PLHIV and supporting one another with their own HIV journeys. The blog has evolved and have become a collection of ideas coming from different people, who are willing to share, help and support others.

Now every time I receive letters of gratitude, or text messages of thanks or even phone calls telling me how appreciative they are of finding a good blog about HIV, I feel go good. HIV has brought me here, helping people, writing for others, sharing positivism. My psychologist friend even started posting comments anonymously here saying that everything in life comes for a reason, and that getting HIV made my life more meaningful. Last night 3 people called telling me how happy they are that they found the blog and because of all the information that it has, they are not scared anymore.. to take the test or to take on the challenge of being a PLHIV.

I don't know your friend B. He may be one of my callers which I give advice to. I usually save their names in my counselling phone, however I am glad that I was able to give him something to encourage him to fight and start walking on his new journey of good health. Like what I always say to everybody, having HIV is about being healthy again and having a healthy lifestyle is what we all should aim for, whether we have HIV or not. 

Once again thank you for your letter and to all those who have sent their messages of gratitude, you guys all inspire me to continue what I am doing. 

Stay healthy,

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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