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This morning I received a phone call from a Filipino PLHIV who is working overseas. I thought it was a call that I normally receive from outside the country seeking for help or assistance. However, this call came from a guy who wants to know the state of our nation when it comes to HIV and who wishes to meet other PLHIV's when he comes for a visit. He told me that he just found the blog online and he just dialled my counselling number to make sure that there really is a person behind the number.

Well, I really was glad that he called as I felt that this is somehow a breather for me. I am glad that somewhere in this world another Filipino PLHIV seems to care to know the conditions of our country when it comes to HIV.

So for all the PLHIV's who are living abroad, I want you all to know that this is our HIV State of the Nation:

1. The Philippines is one of the 9 countries with increasing HIV cases all over the world.
2. There are around 12,000 recorded cases of HIV since 1984 according to the DOH.
3. From the DOH-NEC Registry, 380 HIV cases and 25 AIDS cases were reported last January 2013.
4. There are HIV Testing sites all over the country
5. There are HIV/AIDSTreatment Hubs in almost all the regions.
6. ARV's are free and are subsidized by the Global Fund
7. Consultations from the HIV doctors are free in the HIV/AIDS Treatment hubs.
8. HIV counselling is free in all HIV Testing Sites and HIV/AIDS Treatment Hubs.
9. Although the CD4 and VL equipments are only in a few areas in the countries, the other lab facilities  are accessible in most general hospitals in the country.
10. Prophylaxis for opportunistic infections are sometimes free in the HIV/AIDS Treatment hubs depending on the availability.
11. Laboratory tests are available, and are cheaper in the HIV/AIDS Treatment hubs or hospitals.
12. There are a lot of HIV/AIDS advocacy groups in the country.
13. There are awareness programs coming from both the government and private sectors.
14. The country has the Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998 or the R.A. 8504 which is an act promulgating policies and prescribing measures for the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS in the Philippines, instituting  a nationwide HIV/AIDS information and education program, establishing a comprehensive HIV/AIDS monitoring system, strengthening the Philippine National AIDS Council, and for other purposes. 
15. There is no mandatory HIV Testing in the country and is not required for employment.
16. There is confidential HIV testing in the country.
17. There are sporadic cases of discrimination

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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