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Hi Poz,

Good day!

I hope you and Tag are in good health despite worst conditions in Manila.  I've read some of your articles again sa blog mo about PhilHealth.  Lately, dito sa Cebu, our HIV Doctors are slowly enrolling us with our PhilHealth.  Concern ko lang kasi eh, I need to secure CF1 which I already have, sabi kasi ng nurse dito, I need to have an OR of my contributions as a proof.  What I got was a certification from our CompBen on my premiums.  I find it really impossible to secure an OR because our accounting is in Manila.

My question is, can I waive my PhilHealth contributions from the Company and be an individual paying person instead of having to go through the papers?  I am getting anxious as they might suspect me about getting a CF1 every quarter for the refill.  Please help.


Hi there.

Thank you for your email. Tag and I are doing great. I hope you are doing good as well.

I am glad that in Cebu, they are now processing your PhilHealth documents. This is so important so you can all get the benefits of the OHAT package. 

With regards to your concern, usually the hubs here just require the CF1. Before replying to your email, I called the hotline of PhilHealth for you and the person who answered told me that only the CF1 is needed by hospitals and not the OR. You can also ask a certification from your HR about your employment and payment but I know that this is already a hassle for you.

Another option is to pay PhilHealth as an individual member. Most PLHIV's do this so that they don't have to go to their HR and get the CF1 quarterly. However, you can't waive your PhilHealth employee contribution and just pay the individual membership as all employees are required by law to pay and the employer to pay for the employee too to PhilHealth. In other words, aside from your monthly deduction by your company, you will have to pay the monthly as individual member, thus paying PhilHealth twice. Like what I said, this is just an option so that getting the CF1 won't be a hassle since you will be needing it every 3 months and you have to tell the HR personnel why you need it (which really, you don't have to).

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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