The Love Fund: August 2013 Report

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Here is the list of the beneficiaries of The Love Fund for the month of August 2013:

Patient's Direct Assistance:

1. R10vtc: asthmatic patient, assisted with maintenance inhaler
2. R13aaj: asthma patient, was given financial assistance for his medicines
3. New Patient "J", confined in the hospital up to now, is being given assistance for his medicines, food and laboratory tests.

Prophylaxis Assistance: 

(each patient was given 30 pieces of Cotrimoxazole)

1. R13rmd2
2. R13jam2
3. R11nre
4. R13rcr2
5. R13jsm
6. R13rmg2
7. R13jam22
8. R13ras3
9. R13dbd
10. R13mtv
11. R13eoa
12. R13jid
13. R13cga
14. R12agv
15. R13dgr
16. R12mda
17. R13rsn
18. R13eta
19. R13gtr
20. R13uba

PCSO Assistance:

We assisted patients who were confined in the hospital through PCSO for all their hospital bills, medical and laboratory bills.

1. FEB
2. NVA
3. PGS
4. HD
5. JPS

To all the donors of The Love Fund, thank you very much. We always report back where all your donations, both monetary donations and medicine contributions are really going for transparency. 

If you want to donate to The Love Fund, please click the link below. 

There are a lot of PLHIV's who are needing our help and this is the best venue to give assistance and lend a helping hand to them.

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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