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Hello i just want to share my experience to all. I went to RITM last July 17, 2013 to have my check-up. The nurse that assisted me during that day told me that I need to go back after a month to have my check up again which is yesterday (August 17, 2013). In order for me not to forget about my check up I quickly wrote it down on my planner after hearing my next  
schedule for check up.

Yesterday is the day of my check-up (August 17, 2013 ). I woke up early and I also wake up my mom and my sisters so that we can go there as early as we can. As I wait for them to get fixed, I read Pozziepinoy's Blog ( I was looking for any topics about refills of ARV's. I saw one and as a read it, I was shocked that RITM thus not give refill every weekends. So it makes me feel stressed, thinking that I can't get any refill and I have to stop drinking ARV's for 2 days. We know that ARV's is our forever medicine. If ever we stop it, we give a chance/percentage for the virus to be resistant on the same ARV's and our doctor needs to change the prescription. I told my mom and my sisters about  it. My mom was very nervous and so was I. I checked again the internet for  every hubs that can sell ARV's. I called all the hubs around Metro Manila. Unfortunately, no one sells ARV's and some of the Hospitals are closed. I'm losing hope. I called RITM again where I was enrolled but same thing happen even my sister who is working check on it. I go back to Pozziepinoy's Blog ( and look for any topic about refill or similar to the situation that's happening to me right now. Unfortunately I didn't read anything so I checked on Google to look if there are people or hospitals where I can buy ARV's. Unluckily NO ONE. 

I was now in my desperate move, to send a message to Pozziepinoy. Here goes:

Me: Hello, can i ask you a little help. I was scheduled for a check up  
today,but when i called ritm they said that arg dept. is close. I am out of  
arvs now? What am i going to do? Thanks

Pozziepinoy: What are your ARV's. closed kasi ang ARG pag weekends e (ARG is closed on weekends)

Me: Avocomb (lamivudine and zidovudine) and estiva-600(efavirenz 600mg)

Pozziepinoy: magpapahanap ako (will try to look) (as the time i read that i was shocked, coz he will look for someone who have the same arv's i drink)

Me: Sila po kasi nag sabi ng date e. Tpos when i check your blog po,nabasa ko n ndi sila nagbbgay ng meds every weekends tpos tinawagan ko n nga po ung sa ritm to check. Tpos sinabi close nga daw po. Pano po kaya un? I asked every hub nrin po around metro manila if i can buy arvs sa pharmacy nila. Pero ndi daw po. (They were the ones who told me the date. Then when I checked the blog post, I read that they don't give meds on week ends then I called RITm to check and was informed that they are really closed. What will I do? I asked every hub around Metro Manila if I can buy ARV's from their pharmacies, but they said no).

Pozziepinoy: next time magparefill 2 weeks bago maubos ang stock mo (next time have your refill 2 weeks before you run out)

Pozziepinoy: walang nabibili (You can't buy them)

Me: Opo. pano po kaya ggwin ko? (Yes. What should I do?)

Pozziepinoy: magtatry aking manghiram. (I'll try to borrow) ( I was relieved, kasi kahit were  
not close he help me on my problem. Without any hesitations,he looks for  
any other people that can help and willing to help.)

Me: Thanks po. Im willing to pay po kung kailngan. (I'm willing to pay if necessary)

Me: Maraming salamat po. (Thank you very much)

Pozziepinoy: usually nagpapahiram yung iba. wait ka lang (Usually others will lend. Just wait)

Me: Ok po,thanks sa help. Pasensya n po sa storbo. (Yes. Thanks for the help. Sorry to bother you)

Pozziepinoy: ok text mo si ryan. may lami/zido sya. imeet mo sya ngayon. (Ok text Ryan also. He has lami/zido. You can meet him today)

Me: Thanks po.

Pozziepinoy: i can meet u para sa efav. near XXX ako. punta ka muna  (I can meet you for the efav. Im near XXX. Go there first)

Me: Thanks a lot! San po tayo pwede magkita? (Where can we meet?)

Pozziepinoy: Si ryan, tga manila lng (rephrase for privacy) (Ryan is from Manila)

Me: Sige po. Thanks a lot. What time po kayo pwede? (What time are you free?)

Pozziepinoy: 12 tayo meet (Let's meet at 12)

Me: Ok po. (yes)

Pozziepinoy: national bookstore

Me: Im with my sister ok lng po ba? (Is it ok that I'm with my sister?)

Pozziepinoy: text mo kaagad si ryan para pagkatapos direcho ka sa kanya (Text Ryan fast so after you can meet him)

Me: yep

Pozziepinoy: text mo na si ryan ha. then sa monday punta ka ng ritm ha efav lang mer meron ako. kay ryan yung lami/zido (Text Ryan, then on Monday go to RITM, I only have efav)

Me: Ndi po nag rreply si ryan. in a while po ppunta n kmi. Maraming salamat  
po tlga.yup on monday ppunta n po ako agad. At para mapalitan Opo. (Ryan hasn't replied yet. In a while we will leave. Thank you so much. Yes, on Monday we will go there fast and to replace. )

Me: Nakausp ko na po si ryan. Will meet po after. Can you give po ba 2tabs just for sat and sun? yep Thanks a lot. On the way n po kami. Mdjo traffic lng po (I talked to ryan. Will meet him after. Can you give me 2 tabs just for Sta and Sun? Thanks a lot. We are on our way. There's just a bot of traffic)

Pozziepinoy: mga 12:15 ako dating (I'll be there at 12:15)

Me: Ok po. (Yes)

Pozziepinoy: on my way

Me: Ok po. Wait nlng po nmn kayo. (Yes. We will wait for you)

Pozziepinoy: anong suot mo? (what are you wearing?)

Me: And2 n po b kayo? And2 po kmi sa kfc hehe Stripes po n blue,green and white,pants.
(Are you here? We are here in KFC. I'm in striped blue, green and white pants)

Pozziepinoy: wala pa. taxi pa (Not yet. Still in the taxi)

Me: Ok po. Ingat po. (Ok. Take care)

Pozziepinoy: dyan na lang sa kfc? (Are you in KFC)

Me: San nio po b gs2? (Where do you want?)

Pozziepinoy: kfc na labas ka na (KFC, come out)

Me: Ok po wait Asan po kayo? (Yes, wait, where are you?)

And then I saw Pozziepinoy. He told me everything that I need to know for refills. He advised me to have my ARV's refilled 2 weeks before I ran out of my ARV's. He gave me a Pillbox where I was planning to buy in a Drugstore. He also reminds me na wag magpapabasa sa ulan. (He reminded me not to get wet from the rain). As time ticks its our time to say goodbye. I gave him a small present as a sign of my gratitude and appreciation. Then I texted him again.

Me: Sir,maraming maraming salamat po. (Sir, thank you very much)

Pozziepinoy: ok sana maemail mo tong experience mo para yung iba may  
matutunan din ha (Ok. I hope that you can email this experience so that others will learn)

Me: I will. Ingat po kayo. Godbless (Take care. God bless)

Pozziepinoy: "i just want you to know that there are people around you who  
are willing to help"

And now its my time to for me to meet Ryan. It was raining so badly during  
that time and we are in a hurry so instead of taking a cab we took MRT and  
LRT. They were eating when I reached our meeting place. I'm really shy  
because I know that I disturbed their meal time. I texted him. But before  
that here's our earlier conversation thru text.

Ryan: Helo, kelangan m daw lami/zido? Pnta k nlng d2 condo. Mit tyo s lobby. (Hello. You still need lami/zido? Come here in the condo. Let's meet in the lobby).

Me: Opo e. 1st time ko po kasi for refill e ndi ko po alam n sarado po every weekends. Tpos sila p po nag schedule sakin nun. Maraming salamat po.  (Yes. It is my first refill and I didn't know that they are closed on weekends. Then they were the ones who scheduled for me. Thank you so much)

Ryan: Mga wat tme k mkkrting? (What time are you coming?)

Me: Mkkpag kita lng po ako kay pozziepinoy, then punta n po ako agad dyan. Im with my sister ok lng po b? (I will meet pozziepinoy, then after I will go straight there. I'm with my sister, if it's ok)

Ryan: Ok no prob... Txt k nlng pag papunta k na. (Just text me when you are coming)

Me: Opo, maraming maraming salamat po tlga.. (Yes. Thank you so much)

Ryan: Ok. 

Me: I need 3 tabs po pla,kaya po ba? (Can you give me 3 tabs?)

Me: 2 tabs lng po pla.  (Sorry, 2 tabs only)

Ryan: Ok lng. Anu b un lami lng b? Nevi dmu kelangan? (Ok. Do you need only lami? Don't you need Nevi?)

Me: Lami and zido lng po tlga. (Just lami and zido)

Ryan: Ah ok combination. Cge txt k lng. (Ok, just text me)

Me: Opo. Thanks a lot

Me: 3 n po pla tlga. Kasi iinom p po pla ako sa monday morning. (Just 3 please because I need to still take on Monday morning)

Ryan: Ok

Ryan: oN d way n b kyo? (Are you on your way?)

Me: Opo (yes)

Ryan: Nagtaxi b kyo? (Did you take a taxi?)

Me: Ndi po nag mrt-lrt nlng po. Ang haba po kasi ng pila for cab. (No, just MRT. There was a long line for cabs)

Ryan: Ah ok just txt pag nsa lobby n kyo ha (Ok just text me when you are in the lobby)

Me: Opo We reached the place pero ndi ko tlga alam ung entrance,so nag  
tanung n ko. (Yes. We reached the place but I really don't know the entrance so I asked)

Me: Sir san po ung entrance? (Sir, where is the entrance?)

Ryan: D2 aq ----- d2 nlng mit  ----- (I am here ---- just meet me here)

Me: Ay ok po. Papunta n po kmi ni ate (Ok. Me and my sister are going there now)

Me: Andito n po ako sa -----. (We are here in ----)

And then suddenly he stops eating, stands up and go outside the Restaurant to meet me. He asked me again if that's the only medicine that I need and I said "Yes". He invited us to eat with them unfortunately we just had our meal time. So after that I also gave him a  
little present and bid good bye. Minutes later I texted him.

Me: Sir, maraming salamt po (Sir, thank you so much)

Ryan: Ok, ingat... Wag papaulan.... Inum gmot on time... (Ok take care. Don't get wet in the rain. Take your meds on time)

Me: thanks po ulit. (Thank you again)

Me: Simpleng pasasalamat lng po yan, pero ung nagawa nio po sobrang laki. (That is a simple thank you, but what you did was huge)

Ryan: "Were here to help each other. Hugz."

As we on our way home. I keep texting them. I was very thankful to God  
because despite of this kind of trial he send me two people who saved my  
life. I will never get tired of thanking them because they save my life.  

This will be a lesson for me and to everyone. Always remember that refilling of ARV's in RITM is not possible during weekends because ARG is closed during weekends. Always make sure to check the day of the date that they will give you so that you will be assured it won't fall on a weekend. Always make sure that you refill your ARV's 2 weeks before your ran out of ARV's.

Lastly, don't lose hope just incase this experience happens to you there are people like Kuya Pozziepinoy and Kuya Ryan that will help and save your life. 

My whole family was also very thankful to them. Hopes many Pozzies still help when one is in need.

"i just want you to know that there are people around you who are willing  
to help" - Pozziepinoy

"We’re here to help each other." - Ryan

Thanks a lot mga Kuya.
God bless.

If this thing happens to any other, just contact pozziepinoy and he will be  
the able to contact us.

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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