PLHIV Story: Mr. Nega's Story

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Hi readers, call me Mr. Nega. 

Yes i am nega my last last hiv test was june and i also had my cd4 count and good thing im fine. But my partner is not. He is possie...i don't know where he got it but i don't care about that anymore. We became couple since 2009. I know he was exposed so much to unprotected sex. Last year we celebrated our 3rd anniversary (xmas at the same time) and new yaer at the hospital where he was confined. It was not that good anniv, xmas and new years celebration because he was sick. But i made sure that even i am sad inside i showed him that everything will fall very fine... My heart was tearing while seeing  him unable to enjoy the fireworks which was visible from our window.

He was so sick and his entire body was red in color. His ears was cracking because of dryness and his lips were almost like the farm experiencing droughtiness. I have two weeks in school that i cannot focused on my subject matter. I talked to my students to do some sit works because i can't give them a good discussion since i am preoccupied of my partners'  
situation. Beacsue the doctor told me that he got 50/50 to survive.  I was like, " oh God i don't know what to do if i loose him this early. we have so much plan to fulfill". my tears were running through my fainted face. i dont know what to do. i called my trusted friend and confessed. I cried outside the room beacuse i dont want him see me crying, it wont help his  
situation it may get him worst if i did. i faced him with a smile saying that we will be goiong home soon as the doctor said to me. But after 2 weeks of january 2013 the doctor decided to sent us home since he is getting well. So that moment the happiness i felt inside was immeassurable and i can also see his face how he wanted to go home.

At home another challenge that challenged me. How to be patient with his behaviour because he changed alot. But i widend my understanding since i know how hard for his part what he is going through. I almost give up because i thought i am carrying too much heavy loads. But my love for him overwhelmed my whole being. He is still not a bad  person nor dirty. He is the same person i met and commit myself fully to be with him by hook or by crook. I mean everything i said to him when i dont know yet his status. I will always be here for him. I don't care if the risk is high if i will stick to him.. He needs me more than anything else. I know i am the reason why fight with death because of me. And i value that bravery.

Now he is doing good. With our very kind ID doc with her guidance we are so blessed to have her in our lives. She made us realized that we still have chance to live.. I did not allow my partner to go and get his arvs because i am affraid of the OIs. The attendant on the hub thought that i am possie because its me her seeing not my possie partner. And those possie too think that i am. I dont care! I care about my partner thats all..

Mr. Nega

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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