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hi pozziepinoy.

Last August 5 2013 i went at RITM malate and got tested... thanks GOD its negative....pero after a week,,,, i started to feel muscle and joints pain,,, and also back pain,,, then after that 3 times ng nagkaroon ako ng singaw in my mouth.... could it be possible na symptoms un ng hiv eh.. non reactive naman ang result ng test ko.... pero i have unprotected sex noong lastweek ng july... natatakot po kasi ako dahil may phase 2 pa ang medical namin thes maybe october at baka d ako matuloi  sa aking trabaho abroad.. hoping your response...



Hi Pozziepinoy.

Last August 5, 2013 I went to RITM Malate and git tested. Thank Gid it is negative. But last week, I started to feel muscle, joint and back pains. Then after that I had mouth sores 3 times. Could it be possible that I they were symptoms of HIV? The result of the test was non-reactive, but I had unprotected sex last week of july. I am scared because our medical test has a phase two maybe this October and my plan of working abroad might not push through. Hoping for your response.




Thank you for your email. Thank you for sharing your concern.

I am glad that you took the HIV test even though your last unprotected sex was just a week prior to the test. The non reactive result may not be conclusive yet as you are still in the window period. Usually it takes 3 months for HIV antibodies to be produced in one's body thus, the counsellors would tell you to come back 3 months post exposure. In your case, you need to come back for the HIV test in November so that the HIV test result will be conclusive. However, the HIV test that you had cleared out all past possible exposures you may have had, except for the July exposure.

The symptoms that you may be experiencing could be anything as HIV has non specific symptoms. Like what Dr. Ditangco has told me before, if you are experiencing something different from your body, consult a doctor fast and not wait for things to get worse, even while waiting for the next HIV test. HIV treatment is different from the other infections that you may be experiencing so just go get a medical check up.

I know it is scary as most of the working VISA's being granted for abroad require an HIV test but you should have at least prepared for this second phase of your medical. However, for now, you need to just wait for your next test to know the real score.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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