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Posted by Pozziepinoy on 8:10 AM

Hi pozzie,

I was diagnozed as PLHIV last June, along with that I have pneumonia and TB. Also i have Hepa B. RITM Alabang is my hub. 

I started first with my TB medicines on July 12. After 2 weeks I was allowed to take ARV meds. Im taking: 

Lamivudine (2 pcs) 

So my routine is 
TB MEDS - before i eat in the morning

COTRIMOXAZOLE - lunch time (during wed I take an extra 2 1/2 pcs of AZITHROMYCIN)
ARV MEDS - 9pm after dinner.

At first the TB Meds are making me vomit the whole day. I can't eat and I can't drink. From 145lbs I shrank to 116lbs, and I'm 5'9 so its really thin. After a few days I found a solution before I take any medicines right after I wake up, I take Omeprazole 40mg. 

It turned out fine. On my 15th day of meds I got better I eat way more than I use to. And people notice in starting to gain a few pounds. So i was given 3 months supply of ARV meds and 1 month for TB meds. 

Its more than a month now since Im taking TB meds. Something bad happened . Its been 5 days already. During the late afternoon i have a very high fever almost always beyond 39degrees and that will continue on till past midnight. Not only that I vomit again even by just drinking water. I cant eat. But im not coughing like before. Im just really weak and nauseas at times. 

I have no more money. I should start working on the Aug 16th but I dont know if I'm well enough by then. 

No one takes care of me. Because Only my brother is in manila and he has work and school. He checks on me but thats it. 

I really wanted to confine myself in RITM hospital. But again monetary issues. And also I'm scared of the environment. Because there are some hospitals that are bit scary. Like PGH and other public hospitals. Where your 8 in the room and someone dies in front of you. 

What are ur recommendations? 
How is RITM Hospital?
Do u have like a ballpark figure of how much to spend in the Hospital? Maybe an example from a friend? 

Please Help.. :( I'm scared. 




Thank you for your email. 

I called Dr. Ditangco, the head of RITM-ARG and she wants you to go to RITM now and have yourself confined. 

With regards to my recommendations, RITM is a good hospital to be confined in. When it comes to the finances, I really don't know how much you need as I don't know what is wrong with you. I don't know what lab tests and what medicines will be given to you. But don't worry about the finances there as RITM-ARG will assist you. Just make sure that you call Maram, Ate Beth or Marvin from RITM-ARG and tell them your financial issues so they can process all papers and ask PCSO for your medical assistance. When it comes to high expenses, Dr. Ditangco and I partner so we can help those in need in RITM. Just make sure to coordinate with them ASAP. Also tell them that pozziepinoy has told you to coordinate with them. If you are going there, you can call me at 0916-286-2066 so we can easily coordinate.

I know that you are scared but keep on fighting. Your strong will, will keep you going and beat all these obstacles.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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