PLHIV Story: Love Has Never Left Us

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 6:24 AM

Dear PozziePinoy,

Good day to you!

I am happy, and I'm sure the rest of your readers are as well, because you provide insights on how to live our lives as people with HIV, and how to be a part of the solution in trying to lessen the number of cases, provide education, and eliminate the stigma. I was recently diagnosed to have HIV last April 2013, and at first it was hard to comprehend and understand how and why these things happen. I took the test because a friend of mine also took the test. He was nonreactive but I was reactive. I became depressed for a short period of time.

However, I realized now that life is definitely not over. It gives me pleasure to help people in small ways by informing them to take the test. In these subtle ways, I hope I am able to influence people to take care of themselves more. I am also inspired to challenge myself because I see people living with HIV who are happier than ever because they never let the virus get in the way of achieving what they dream of. These people knew how to love themselves still and I know that having HIV doesn't change who I am. I can still provide for my beautiful family. I have no wife and kids but I wanted to provide for my mom, my stepdad, and my siblings who are not yet able to make a living. When you love someone, you'll do everything to survive because they are counting on you and you know you can count on them when you needed support. Regardless of HIV, I still believe that someone out there can accept and love me for who I am. I'm not expecting but I am hopeful.

Whatever people may say, I am sure that the only important thing I must consider is how I think of myself.  I am a high school science teacher and each day, I try my best to impart what I know and hopefully let my students develop the right attitude in learning. I do not want give up. I exercise, I eat well as much as I could, and I try to take care of myself, to love myself. I'm 23 years old and I hope to reach 100. I want life to surprise me in a good way. 

Love has never left us, we just have to try and love ourselves first. Everything else will follow. It may sound corny but I'm tired of all the negativity. Time will come, you will as exhausted as I was when i kept on thinking about problems of all sorts. Now, I try to think of solutions. We have ourselves and we can always help each other and make a significant difference.

Again, may you have a wonderful day.

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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