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good day.

ask ko lang po sana if ever na mag positive ako sa test ung confirmatory  
test po ba ay free din?? wala po kasi akong budget para sa check up. if  
ever magkano po ang magiging cost?? di pa din po ako member ng philhealth..  
saka worry din ako sa cost ng medication.. sana po masagot nio ang  
katanungan ko.. salamat


Good day.

I would like if ever my HIV Test turns out t be positive, is the confirmatory test also free? I don't have a budget for check up and if ever, how much would be the cost? I am also not a PhilHealth member. Also, I am worried for the cost of medications. 

I do hope that you can answer my questions. Thank you.



Thank you for your email. 

The confirmatory test is part of the HIV test, that is why if you paid for the HIV test, basically you already paid for the confirmatory test too. In the same way, if you got the HIV test for free, then the confirmatory test is also free.

PhilHealth is important and usually a requirement for all the hubs, so if I were you, enrol now and be a member. The fee is just a hundred or two pesos per month and I am sure you can save for that from your allowance. 

When it comes to HIV treatment, it is free. However, some hubs don't offer full FREE baseline laboratory tests so you need to be ready for that. Also, if ever, you have other infections aside from HIV or is caused by the weakened immune system, the treatment for these infections are not covered anymore by the hubs. Aside from that, if ever your level of immune system is already low, you might be needing prophylaxis to prevent infections, which once is not covered by the hubs.

For now, the best move that you can make is to take the HIV test first. If you delay it, and then you feel that you already have symptoms of other infections that may be attributed to it, then you will be spending more later.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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