Email 513: Sharing Your Story Means A Lot!

Posted by Pozziepinoy on 3:29 PM

Hi, I want to share my story about what I am going through. I do not know how.



Thank you for your email. Thank you for your interest in sharing your story. Sharing your story is easy. Just write it directly to my yahoo mail and sent it to

I am asking people to write their stories, from their experiences with the HIV testing, their reactions to getting the result of the test, their experiences in the hubs and in getting consultations, obstacles with ARV's, and eventually their new journey being a PLHIV. Our experiences give wisdom to people on what the steps to take and what to expect during the entire process starting from the HIV treatment, to getting treatment and to living their lives as a person with HIV. This answers all questions and concerns, gives light to the basic information that one will ask about HIV in the Philippines. Our stories will also show that HIV is indeed a reality and not just figures that we see on studies. 

So please, I encourage you to tell your stories and experiences. If you are a quiet person living with HIV (PLHIV), then it is about time that you voice out your life by writing, so that others will be guided and learn from your life.

Stay healthy,

NO PLHIV is alone with his or her struggle with HIV!"


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