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Hi, you can call me Ben, I'm 24 from CALABARZON. I just got tested for HIV in a Provincial Hospital. I was a bit worried about the result since I know for a fact that I was exposed to unprotected sex lately...During that time my mind was already thinking it would turn out "Reactive"...I'm not sure if it was a rapid test that was done.. I didn't bother to ask.... 

30 mins passed by and I went back to check if the result is already there.... This lady (nurse/doctor/counselor) told me that the initial result was REACTIVE and will be subjected for confirmatory lab test... She said and I quote " May mga cases daw tlga sila na REACTIVE yung resulta initially then after ng confirmatory laboratory test ay negative daw lumabas"

My concern is WHAT IS THE PROBABILITY that it will turn out negative??? 
Were there same cases as well in the past based from what you know that were initially positive and proven to be negative after the confirmatory test?

Pls I need your help.... Thank you



Thank you for your email. Thank you for sharing your concern.

The initial screening test is the rapid test. If it detects HIV antibodies, then it will be forwarded to DOH/SACCL or RITM for confirmatory (Western Blot test).

To be honest with you, the only ones who I knew who got tested positive in the rapid test, then tested negative in the confirmatory, were women who were pregnant. So far, the ones who asked for my help for HIV testing all tested positive in the confirmatory test, especially those who have had previous unprotected sex. However, I have heard instances wherein it still turned out negative in the confirmatory test so please don't lose hope as there is still a chance that is why they are still confirming the test result. 

If you want to know for sure and not wait anymore, you can go to RITM Satellite Clinic in Malate and retake the test there. The result is 99% accurate as two tests are already being done to the test blood. Also, the result comes out in just 2 hours so no need for the long waiting period.

I hope I was able to answer your concerns. Feel free to email me again if you have other questions.

Stay healthy,

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